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Olympic visitors to get Chinese-speaking phone

Chinese services company Capinfo has made a Motorola flip-phone speak Chinese for visitors to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The handset will carry guidebook data, including text, images and videos about historic sites, as well as directions to those sites and other useful locations like restaurants and hotels. The guide also includes a phrase book, showing phrases in English and Manadarin, which can be read by the phone using a text-to-speech converter.

3G : Vodafone launches 3G mobile data service

Beginning next week, Vodafone Group PLC, Europe's largest mobile phone company, will begin offering customers in selected markets high-speed mobile data service based on new third-generation (3G) technology, the company said Thursday.

BT extends GPRS global roaming reach

British Telecommunications PLC (BT) can now offer General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) roaming in 60 countries, after signing four new Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) agreements, it said Tuesday.

Singapore becomes regional hub for GPRS roaming

Singapore will be Asia's first neutral Peering Point for GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) providers.

WISMO shortens development cycles

A wireless module maker from France says its upcoming

COMMUNICASIA – China eyes data as mobile growth lags

Slowdown may be a relative term in a mobile market which is adding 5 million subscribers per month, but China

Connect fast with 3G Nets

Imagine being able to get on the Internet with a notebook or PDA anywhere you can use your cell phone-at landline speeds or faster. That's the siren song of next-generation wireless networks. After many years of hype, these so-called 3G (for third-generation) networks-which succeed the old analog and today's digital cellular networks-are finally rolling out.

FedEx expands net reach to mobile data

FedEx Corp. has signed a five-year deal to use AT&T Wireless Services Inc.'s next-generation mobile data network to support new, high-bandwidth applications to be used by its 40,000 couriers.

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