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Gartner analyst: Resist Gig Ethernet

Is Gigabit Ethernet a waste of your money? An analyst recently told enterprise IT and network professionals they would toss away more than US$10 billion on Gigabit Ethernet LAN gear over the next two years that would be better spent on technologies designed to support increasingly distributed workforces.

Standard looks to break the Gigabit Ethernet bottleneck

For network managers who've outfitted their servers with Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards in recent years, the results definitely have been of the "glass half-full" variety.

Cisco revamps security appliances

Cisco Systems Inc. on Monday announced additions to its family of security appliances, which incorporate new performance levels for broadband environments, midrange models and government and industry certifications to enable customers to protect their security investments.

Campus wireless poses bandwidth dilemma

The bandwidth glut that occurred in the mid-1990s when switched and Fast Ethernet started to appear on campus networks played a significant role in suppressing interest in implementing LAN-based quality-of-service schemes. In a somewhat bizarre twist, the move to wireless may well cause this situation to reverse itself.

Puredata pushes down copper Gigabit Ethernet pricing

Gigabit and Fast Ethernet switches released recently from Puredata could help small businesses or small branch offices move from hubs to a switched and managed network with Gigabit Ethernet, for under US$1,400.

Dell boosts Layer 2

Dell Computer Corp. last month rolled out Layer 2 switches aimed at small to midsize customers with small IT staffs that need simple, plug-and-play and easy-to-maintain network gear.

3Com paves the road to the land of gig E

Keeping on par with its strategy to help the enterprise improve scalability and efficiency, 3Com Canada last month introduced a medley of gigabit Ethernet products built atop an existing portfolio of modular and stackable LAN switches and network interface cards (NICs).

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