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Hashtag Trending August 5 – Equifax credit score mishap; new anti-robocall taskforce; Cloudflare email forwarding bug

Equifax misreported credit scores for loan applications, the U.S. forms a new anti-robocall taskforce, and a Denmark student finds a flaw in Cloudflare’s email...

Hashtag Trending – UK hospitals adopt AI, Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Europe, Tesla Model 3 fails initial review

UK hospitals are planning to use artificial intelligence for some routine healthcare tasks, Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of European Parliament, and Tesla’s new Model 3 fails reviews.

The GDPR is about to change your business. Are you ready?

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th, it will have major ramifications for Canadian businesses. Drafted in part...

Developing a plan for EU GDPR compliance using ISO/IEC 27001

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a new regulation around privacy of personal information that will be enforced in all EU...

Sweden pushes for creation of a single EU patent system

The creation of the so-called Community Patent has eluded policy makers for over 30 years but a Swedish diplomat said progress is possible

Blogosphere: Windows 7’s removable IE8

You have to take it with a grain of salt when Microsoft positions changes to the Windows 7 release candidate that allow IE 8 and Media Player to be removed from the OS as being about

Simple plan for greener data centres

Simply turning up the temperature in your data centre can cut down your energy bills, says storage network association chief

Undersea cable cut disrupts Internet, phone traffic

Damage to three major underwater data lines in the Mediterranean sea hampered Internet and telephone traffic between Europe, the Middle East and Asia

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