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Why Yahoo

If you believe the rumours, the arrival of Yahoo

Identity Engines goes on the block

After winning US$26 million in venture capital and several awards for its identity management appliance, the start-up is shutting down... quietly

Getting to know you: The rise of roles-based IDs

Regulatory and compliance requirements are the big driver behind demand for technology that governs access to information based on user rights and restrictions. Let Telus, M-Tech and other Canadian firms bring you up to speed

MySQL to unveil new transaction engine

MySQL AB unveiled a new transaction database engine at its Santa Clara, Calif. user conference this month. The open-source database vendor will also be showcasing database engines from third parties, said Zach Urlocker, vice-president of marketing at MySQL.

AOL releases delayed Netscape beta

America Online Inc. (AOL) on Thursday released the first public test version of Netscape 8, a new Web browser with features designed to protect users against online scams and malicious code.

Machine-to-machine tech offers new profits

Thanks to machine-to-machine intelligence, an Italian washing machine company realized it could give away its washing machines to consumers, then charge them on a pay-per-load basis using wireless-monitoring devices.

New e-mail worm breaks infection records

A new computer virus that spreads using e-mail messages is breaking records for new infections set by the last major e-mail worm, Sobig.F, according to leading antivirus software companies and e-mail security firms.

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