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BSA reaches $431,336 deal with Canadian companies for software piracy

The Business Software Alliance reached a settlement with 12 Canadian companies for using unlicensed copies of software. The Software & Industry Information Association (SIIA) said the tough economy is no excuse

Parliament to start working on anti-malware law next month

Action on Ottawa's long-awaited legislation is expected to begin shortly by the Industry committee. A group representing ISPs, a Liberal critic and a lawyer for Bell Canada suggest only small changes are needed, indicating it could be law by the end of the year.

Web inventor Berners Lee falls prey to bogus site

In the week the Web celebrated the 20th anniversary of its conception by his own hand, Sir Tim Berners Lee admits to being conned out of his money by Internet fraudsters

How Gen Y workers turn CIOs into IT watchdogs

When next-generation employees come into the enterprise, they have their own ideas about which usage policies should be obeyed. Harris/Decima explains how senior technology professionals can combat the insurgency. Part two of five

Why Gen Y workers bypass IT usage policies

An IT World Canada/Harris-Decima report looks at the generation gap and shows younger employees don't take the rules around office computing very seriously. Get the stats about the demographic shift

McAfee bolsters network access security

The anti-virus vendor says it will ship an appliance designed to enforce network access control early next year. Forrester Research

OPINION: HP layoffs, Wall Street blues, Palin’s hack

Top 10 blockbusters in government IT news.

Australia boosts e-surveillance

More than a year after the federal government first proposed legislation allowing law enforcement to monitor mobile phones, e-mail, SMS and voicemail messages without a warrant, the amendments have finally reached the Senate with fiery debate expected to follow its introduction into the Upper House of parliament.

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