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Hashtag Trending – Cyber Monday sets records, Jeff Bezos hits $100 billion, Bitcoin surges

Cyber Monday 2017 could set new records, Jeff Bezos breaks the $100 billion barrier, and Bitcoin surges – both in price and energy consumption.

Why energy accountability is the next step in green IT

A Harvard Business Review article about corporate utility bills raises an important question: what's the incentive for CIOs to use less power?

IT’s human energy crisis

An essential question for all IT leaders to ponder is whether their IT organization is exothermic (one that releases positive energy) or endothermic (one that sucks energy out of the enterprise)

Firms that talk green IT aren

While green IT is still a concern for most firms, many companies are skipping the long-term investment projects such as IT energy measurement, and settling for the

Carbon-free computing in the UK

UK government unveils plans to make all of its computers carbon neutral in four years

SAS offers a greener shade of business intelligence

The company revamps a traditional BI product to create a tool that companies can use to measure their carbon footprint and other environmental data. Info-Tech sizes up the market opportunity

Ryder steers towards environmental IT practices

The company cut its 2007 energy consumption by 15 per cent over 2006 through a server consolidation effort that reduced 100 discrete Wintel servers into 66 Energy Star blades

Green concerns forced up priority list

Business IT use accounts for two per cent of global carbon emissions

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