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CAMH president says wider adoption of virtual health platforms will be ‘permanent’ as it expands virtual care with Cisco

Cisco Canada and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital, announced this week the successful expansion of virtual care to meet the demand for mental health services in Ontario.

eCTAS improves patient care in Ontario with ‘Ingenious’ solution

The winner of the Information Technology Association of Canada's Ingenious Award in the Large Public Business category for 2017 has breathed new life into Ontario emergency departments and improved patient outcomes.

Better ROI is coming to a hospital near you as remote monitoring, big data and other digital health technologies gain traction

Research firm Tractica sees 10 trends taking shaping digital health evolves to improve the bottom line of organizations and patient care

Healthcare industry ripe for disruption? A conversation with millennial entrepreneur Raghu Rai

How far can we integrate technology into healthcare? Do consumers want it incorporated into their exchanges with healthcare professionals? A conversation with millennial entrepreneur, Raghu Rai, who is at the forefront.

Are wearables fit for clinical trials?

Will wearable technology move from fitness to the world of clinical trials? They are certainly attracting attention from both healthcare and life science laboratories, as well as the boardroom.

Kobo’s founder explains how he’s taking his learnings from e-readers to e-health

Digital tools created major changes in the we we read books. Now Michael Serbinis sees possibilities to do something similar with wellness data

Canadian firm signs cloud tech deal with IBM

IBM cloud tech will help bring telemedicine, patient records to West Africa

Calgary imaging company scores big win with U.S. agency

Physicians will be able to access mobile and web-based images, deliver faster care and cut unneeded visits

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