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Smartcards to integrate levels of e-government in Australia

The smartcard paradigm will result in better and more secure access to government services across jurisdictions, according to the Australian Federal Special Minister of State, Gary Nairn. In Sydney to speak at this year's Australian Smart Cards Summit, Nairn said building "communities of interest" would stimulate interoperability, which in turn would pave the way for more government use of smartcards.

Portugal picks national ID card supplier

Portugal has selected a vendor to produce a credit card-sized national ID card that can store biometric information such as fingerprints and a digital signature for online transactions.

Portugal selects supplier for national ID card project

Portugal has picked a vendor to produce a credit-card sized national ID card that can store biometric information such as fingerprints. Gemalto NV, selected by Portugal's Mint and National Printing Office (Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda SA), will provide the operating system, applications, middleware and help desk services.

Showcase Ontario – Michigan emulates Canada

Teresa Takai, CIO of the State of Michigan, said one way she keeps her network up to date is by "stealing [ideas] from others, especially the Canadians."

Sequel in San Diego

In 1999, San Diego County embarked upon what was then the largest municipal IT outsourcing initiative in the world: a seven-year deal worth $644 million with a group of companies known as the Pennant Alliance (which included Computer Sciences Corp as the prime contractor), meant to refurbish County government operations for 21st century challenges.

From transition to transformation

The advent of electronic government a decade ago brought with it unfettered rhetoric and anticipation. Born in an era of dot-com valuations and an infatuation with most anything beginning with the prefix

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