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RIM defying recession so far

BlackBerry manufacturer scored net earnings of almost US$2 million, more evidence suggesting smartphone users won't give up their devices even in tough times

Windows Mobile Marketplace dangles dollars at developers

Microsoft's Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Marketplace, is offering 70 per cent of sales for applications they develop and sell at the Apple App store rival

U.K. hopes to cut piracy by making it easier to find movies

The idea is to give people legal ways to rent or buy flicks. However, only a small percentage of the 30,000 titles can be found online

Chrome ‘carpet bomb’ bug patched by Google

The months-old bug that tricks Chrome users into downloading and launching malicious code gets fix 'for the time being'

Lotus Notes users get limited access over iPhone

Concerned about the handheld's security, IBM will only let Notes users access the application through a browser so data isn't downloaded. An industry analyst says Apple should give the phone the ability to encrypt data

Three things IT should consider about Chrome

Google's entry into the Web browser market has caused as much controversy as excitement, but corporate technology professionals risk ignoring its lessons about user experience. Get past the hype

White Paper Wisdom: Circuit-saving PDU secrets

Choosing the right power distribution unit can mean a data centre that makes better use of energy and improves performance, but not all PDUs are created equal. Raritan outlines four areas to factor in

Accenture CTO imagines IT changes in 2038

The consulting firm hosts its annual customer event where Don Rippert makes his best predictions about the future of technology, and the challenge firms face in striking a balance between usability and ubiquity

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