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Spiralling costs tip scales of Libra justice system

The U.K. government has admitted that fresh delays have hit its scandal-hit Libra project to provide a case management computer system and infrastructure for magistrates courts. It is the second recent blow to justice system IT projects, following the announcement earlier this week of a review of the C-Nomis offender management system.

Samsung HT-TXQ120

The Samsung HT-TXQ120 has features that will please even the most fastidious audiophile - if its steep price tag doesn't scare you off, that is.

Local factor touted as key to storage services

For a network manager, finding a good data storage solution for your company can be a tough task. In addition to cost, meeting company needs in data archiving, network compliance, security and disaster recovery are vitally important.

Wal-Mart launches online movie store with HP technology

Joining a growing list of digital video download service providers Wal-Mart Stores has launched an online movie store. The new offering is built on HP Video Merchant Services, a Web-shopping technology.

Lost packets: Buckets more phish bait out there

Cyber criminals created a record number of phishing Web sites in July and also hijacked a record number of brands to help them do their work, a consortium that monitors online fraud said this month. The number of phishing sites

Blu-Ray of hope for Samsung

Superb video and audio quality at a steep price

Holographic storage device to debut in 2006

InPhase Technologies Inc. is one step closer to bringing holographic storage drives to market. On Wednesday, the company plans to demonstrate the first fully functioning prototype of its Tapestry holographic drive, which the company expects to begin shipping next year.

IT Focus news briefs, Oct. 1, 2004

Pessimistic industry predictions, BD-ROM spins into action, Ford parks procurement system, Mobile manufacturing

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