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Global results for Dell’s Digital Transformation Index suggest Canada slightly more digitally mature than global average

Only 6 per cent of Canadian businesses are considered digital leaders, according to a study published last October, and the study’s global figures, released today, suggest that’s higher than the global average.

Vancouver CTO on Canada’s first municipal digital strategy

Five years into rolling out her digital strategy in Vancouver, Jessie Adcock is now pursuing a citizen-focused strategy and hoping to win a national challenge.

A Canadian digital fix: Bold ideas required

Government strategy to grow ICT has to do more than just create new startups.

Digitalization is Shaping the Future of Web Content Management

IT application leaders require a new perspective on WCM and a new approach to selecting and optimizing WCM software. They need to understand the...

Three online marketing strategies for 2015

Building upon the computing and online marketing changes of 2014, 2015 has ushered in a number of new strategies, which extend last year's approaches....

Smarter digital banking with big data. Transform customer relationships and improve profitability

Download this white paper to learn about how IBM solutions help banks create an expanded value proposition and a strong competitive advantage.

More rural broadband help on the way

Government to consult on widening licence conditions on satellite spectrum to help outlying areas

Moore casts doubt on Telus’ latest try for Mobilicity

Spectrum licence transfer policy hasn't changed, Industry Minister tells reporters

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