Articles Related to data integration

If you build it, a data lakehouse, they will come

If your IT department builds a data lakehouse, will business end-users come? Unfortunately, some CIOs forget they’re not working with Kevin Costner on a...

Canadian dataware platform announces data liberation solution for credit unions

Toronto-based dataware company Cinchy has launched its Credit Union Edition to support credit unions constrained by core banking systems, SaaS, and on-premises applications that...

Top 10 causes of stalled AI/ML projects

Discussing the ten most common causes of AI/ML projects stalling (and eventually being cancelled), and how to formulate a plan to accelerate project process.

Five best practices for overcoming data integration challenges

Data integration allows businesses to have access to enriched and valuable information about different aspects of the business. With these five tips, you will be able to easily overcome any data integration challenge. 

Information empowerment for your evolving data ecosystem

Scalable data platforms such as Apache Hadoop offer unparalleled cost benefits and analytical opportunities. IBM helps fully leverage the scale and promise of Hadoop,...

Resolve your data dilemmas with proper governance

As anyone who has ever cleaned out their garage knows, the stockpiling of stuff can get a little haphazard. Over time, our organizational skills...

Developing a data integration and lifecycle management strategy for a hybrid environment

Download this white paper to learn at the nature of these challenges, and how to overcome them to enable people to make the critical...

Visualize the enterprise like the USA election

The recent US election results were many things, including technologically advanced with the GIS map interface, the effortless drilldowns and rollups, the comparison of this election to previous ones, the simultaneous display of multiple measures and the rich touch screen navigation.

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