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Governance 101 – Why it matters now more than ever

There is a sentiment out there among some that data governance, defined by Informatica, as a set of principles, standards and practices that ensures...

Privacy survey is a wakeup call for CIOs

Evolving consumer attitudes threaten data collection programs of businesses. Here’s what firms can do to win back customer trust

FTC closes investigation into Google’s Wi-Fi snooping

But a privacy advocate says Google's own flip-flopping on whether it collected data suggests the "a lot more to be done" to investigate the company's culture of data collection

Quebec research firm launches new wind turbine app

The Wind Energy TechnoCentre will use OSIsoft

Government use of tracking cookies sparks privacy concern

A U.S. government proposal to allow government sites to use single-session, multi-session cookies and persistent cookies to track users comes under firernrn

Green Grid to deliver more studies by the year’s end

Instead of delivering on its data centre power-efficiency work, a non-profit plans additional research. The job of producing usable power-efficiency metrics is proving difficult

RFID becomes a reality

Radio frequency Identification (RFID) has been hogging the headlines lately ever since Wal-Mart made public its demand that all of its top 129 suppliers be outfitted with RFID tags by the beginning of 2005.

Pearson lifts off with automated data

As the entity responsible for Canada's busiest airport, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) faces the tremendous task of ensuring the data collected from its 1,300 daily flights never gets grounded.

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