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Shadow APIs a key target for malicious attacks, reveals new report

Malicious API requests targeting unprotected application programming interfaces (API) are the top threat in the industry, a new research report by Cequence Security revealed. To...

7 top cybersecurity trends in 2022

The pandemic response has accelerated hybrid work and the digitalization of business processes in the cloud, both of which introduce new security challenges. These seven top cybersecurity trends will help security and risk management leaders evolve their roles to meet future challenges, and elevate standings within their organizations.

Protecting your data centres with a multi-layered approach

An integrated security system adds layers of protection to secure data centres. A criterion for selecting protection measures to safeguard a data centre is to consider these five layers to ease burdens.

Understanding cybersecurity management for FinTech: cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risk in FinTech (Article 4)

The fourth article in this series investigates cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks in FinTech, and brings forward some common cybersecurity vulnerabilities that were exploited in the past.

Circumventing the cyber security skills shortage

Increasing cyber security threats mean most security and risk management leaders are growing their IT security teams.

Tips for 10 security projects CISOs can use to reduce risk

Gartner recommends 10 projects that can help reduce risk and have maximum business impact.

Creating Efficiencies In Vendor Risk Management

Vendor risk managers are struggling to meet the cybersecurity and compliance needs brought on by this generation, yet are still following traditional VRM strategies....

Data breach scoring: The sad reality

Security is a culture that needs to be woven into the fabric of your organization. And we’re still a long ways away from having a reliable source of data to help properly evaluate the risks organizations are facing

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