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Global security experts to meet in Malaysia

There is a 'dire need' for governments and corporations to work together to safeguard information, says conference host

Home of the underdogs

Buying from a startup requires research and the ability to ask executives the hard questions but the payoff can be huge

Canadian blogger publishes privacy manifesto

Iotum CEO Alec Saunders slams companies for disregarding consumers

Cybercrime gets organized

Savvy groups of organized criminals are seeing the Web as a lucrative source of ill-gotten gain.

Crustacean security still gets in real security

Exclusive reliance on a perimeter firewall gives you crustacean security: security with a hard outer shell, which when (not if) penetrated offers up a tender and easy-to-pick inside.

IT depts. should embrace – not eschew – Web 2.0, says expert

Web 2.0 challenges base assumptions of a lot of people, particularly IT professionals working inside big businesses. There's this technology that's just sweeping out there in the consumer space and it doesn't fit in with their world view. They don't understand it - so they resist it.

Beware the pod people

Are iPods really as innocent as they seem? Some believe that they pose a significant security risk to the organization. Here

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