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Attackers can Bypass MFA by Exploiting Authentication Cookie

Multi-factor authentication is an important security measure for users and organizations. However, it is not enough, as attackers can manipulate and bypass it via the cookie authentication available on websites.

Preparing for When the Cookies Crumble

The marketing industry has come a long way in accepting the revolutionary changes occurring in consumer-targeted advertising. The next step in preparing for a...

Google Topics: Another try at a third-party cookie replacement

The proposal has so far received mixed reviews, and even Goggle admits more work has to be done

Twitter fixes cross-site scripting flaw

A Kaspersky Lab ZAO expert said a secondary JavaScript from a Web site visited by a user can be loaded on to their machine without requiring any user interaction. Twitter says it

Facebook, Twitter, other social nets leaking personal info

Firms are tracking and aggregating user viewing habits in Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks for targeted ad-serving purposes, according to a recent study. Find out how data aggregators are tracking you across multiple Websites...

Government use of tracking cookies sparks privacy concern

A U.S. government proposal to allow government sites to use single-session, multi-session cookies and persistent cookies to track users comes under firernrn

Super cookies can bake psychographic profiles

On May 2, six years to the day after Microsoft filed its application, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the company patent No. 7,039,699,

Blinkx improves multimedia search engine

Blinkx has enhanced its multimedia search engine by creating an online library where amateurs and professionals can upload, for free, videos they have created to make them available for viewing to Web searchers, the company announced Monday.

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