Articles Related to CLEC

Atria to launch phone service in 2010

Founded through a merger of municipal hydro utilities

Katrina tests net service providers

The hardest-hit U.S. Gulf areas were wiped out during and after Hurricane Katrina, though it wasn't for lack of some extraordinary efforts by skeleton carrier crews who remained behind to keep equipment online as windows shattered around them and New Orleans was evacuated.

CRTC holds public VoIP hearings

Public hearings being held this week by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) could very well determine the future regulatory framework of voice over IP (VoIP) in Canada.

Canadian CLECs weather the storm

Since 1997, more than a dozen bravely optimistic competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) set sail in Canada.

State of communications industry: fear, uncertainty and doubt

The communications industry is perceived to be in an ever-decreasing spiral of economic decline. The reality is just the opposite.

Corporate demand may prop gear sales

Corporate demand for next-generation telecom services may keep service providers buying new equipment in 2001, despite forecasts that growth in their capital expenditures will slow.

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