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Technical Debt tracking supports projects to “do it right”

I am encouraged that projects have begun to track their technical debt. As Kevin Casey writes, “The name is more self-explanatory than most tech...

IT needs to have skills that are practiced and current

Do you view yourself as an expert? How do you know? We need to be able to describe our skills and honestly say what...

Rogers outage requires redefinition of quality

There has been recent progress since Rogers cell coverage was unavailable July 8 and several days afterward.  The government is now requiring all cell...

Law needed requiring AI to be fair, accountable and transparent

In a discussion on how artificial intelligence is being used as an explanation to avoid accountability, and we explore how AI works and the somewhat complicated concerns we should have about its use.

Tech doesn’t sleep, so when do on-call developers?

In today’s digital economy, servers must be operational and reliable 24/7 for users. DevOps makes it a responsibility of IT professionals like software developers to support this feat in on-call rotations. But at what cost to the productivity of the on-call employees?

What is Wordle worth?

The free online game - code written by a software engineer in his spare time - has no doubt gone viral. Now, the New York Times has bought it, and programmers should note the payday.

TV affects perceptions about IT

The public thinks IT people break the rules. TV, movies, and other media, and the stereotype of the white hat hacker is affecting how they see people with computer skills: ignoring privacy rules and digging up all the data that other computer people hoard in hidden databases, without seeing any consequences. This is not a perception that we want to encourage.

Kudos to the latest Facebook whistleblower

Exploring the latest Facebook whistleblower news, and company responsibilities.

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