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IT needs to have skills that are practiced and current

Do you view yourself as an expert? How do you know? We need to be able to describe our skills and honestly say what...

Tech doesn’t sleep, so when do on-call developers?

In today’s digital economy, servers must be operational and reliable 24/7 for users. DevOps makes it a responsibility of IT professionals like software developers to support this feat in on-call rotations. But at what cost to the productivity of the on-call employees?

What is Wordle worth?

The free online game - code written by a software engineer in his spare time - has no doubt gone viral. Now, the New York Times has bought it, and programmers should note the payday.

Vaccine passport apps may cause digital divide

Those without internet access may struggle with vaccine passport rules. IT professionals must consider the ethics of making apps that will be used to exclude people from society by creating a digital divide.

Moving Canada forward: keeping pace with new technologies

The combined effect of new technologies, rapid growth, and increasing threats presents a significant challenge for Canada’s IT industry and professionals.

To start real conversations on IT ethics, we can turn to a fictional story

Through a fictional tale set in 1980s Manitoba, this blogger hopes to help spark IT ethics discussions.

David O’Leary Canadian and Global education, business, computing leader

David O'Leary was quintessentially Canadian in leading in so many disciplines globally and yet presenting a modest public profile – uniquely combining top-level thinking...

Connecting the Atlantic Region’s IT Community

“It’s the only conference in the region that’s supported by all seven associations coming together for one common professional development goal, rather than individually,” says Murray. “We have volunteers as well as representatives from each of the associations on the steering committee and we all work together.”

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