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Nunavut’s CIO: Why citizens deserve self-service

Peter Baril talks about next-generation citizen services, identity management, why lines between jurisdictions need to disappear and how tech needs to filter feedback for politicians. WITH VIDEOrn

IT Leadership for a new decade

CIO Canada's annual reader roundtable brings together 10 executives from a cross-section of industries and backgrounds to discuss key challenges for 2010 and beyond. Part one: Matching IT with strategy

What A CIO Should Know: All CIO blogs at AllTop

Our monthly roundup of must-attend industry events, links, educational videos and other resources to help Canadian CIOs succeed. In this edition: A new online service that's aggregating senior IT executive opinions

Q&A: Computer Associates CEO John Swainson

The Canadian-born head of software giant CA Inc. makes a visit home to discuss the impact of virtualization, analytics in a data centre context and the future of the IT department. WITH VIDEO

Smart thinking on Business Intelligence

Grappling with issues around Business Intelligence? CIO Canada

Are you getting what you are paying for?

Are you overpaying the people in your I.T. shop? Are you doing the right things to keep I.T. staff happy? What about your compensation

The next step in uniting CIOs

The launch of the CIO Executive Council in Canada brings a new level of maturity and interactivity to the profession in Canada and builds bridges to IT executive peers around the globe.

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