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China accuses U.S. of hacking Huawei servers since 2009

China has accused the United States of hacking into Huawei's servers since 2009, stealing critical data and gaining control over tens of thousands of devices.

China bans government officials from using iPhones

China has banned government officials from using iPhones and other foreign-branded devices for work or bring them into the office, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Hashtag Trending Sep.7-Chinese hack targeting U.S. officials traced back to compromise of Microsoft’s engineer corporate account; Chinese government bans iPhone at work; Is your...

More information emerges on the Microsoft vulnerability that led to the compromise of high level U.S. government email accounts.  The Chinese government bans the...

China propose new smartphone rules for kids

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has proposed draft rules that would limit the smartphone use of children under 18 to a maximum of two hours per day.

China ends tech crackdown

China’s tech crackdown, which wiped $1.1 trillion off the valuation of its Big Tech firms, is over.

Chinese hacker forged authentication tokens to access government email: Microsoft

A China-based threat actor was able to access cloud-based Microsoft email accounts of approximately 25 organizations -- including government agencies, as well as related...

Hashtag Trending Jun.30-U.S govt. buying citizens’ data on the open market; Writers launch a class action against OpenAI; Dutch govt. joins the US in...

Ah summer. Just the time to sit with a good book. Or maybe a podcast about a guy who has brought back book stores...

Chinese hackers compromised U.S. critical infrastructure, says Microsoft

Five Eyes intelligence co-operative also issues report with advice for infosec pros to prevent infiltration

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