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Meet Western Canada’s women in IT: great minds think alike

Everyone needs inspiring leaders to emulate. Over the past year, much has been highlighted in the news about the disproportionate male to female ratio in information technology - from engineers to the C-Suite. Here in Canada, there is a growing representation of women IT leaders paving the way for future generations.

The Shifting Technology Landscape: Reshaping Career Opportunities

This survey of 148 IT decision-makers presents a clearer picture of how workers at all levels of IT are being affected.

Microsoft Canada chief Janet Kennedy talks career, leadership and innovation

Some insights from a very successful leader who tripled the MS enterprise business to $3 billion and led the Microsoft's transformation to the cloud with Office 365

Career turning points: Take calculated risks

Larry Pickett knew as soon as he moved into IT middle management at Glaxo back in the late 1980s that he wanted to become a CIO in the pharmaceutical industry

Job Search: Bringing your brand to market

With many companies undergoing restructuring during the economic downturn, IT professionals who have been laid off, and those who fear they may be, are turning to career services to help boost their images. Career Management and share their approaches to job search success

Upping the strategic ante

To become a true business partner, IT must shed its image of non-strategic service provider.

Why women quit technology careers

In this month's Harvard Business Review, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce and Lisa J. Servon describe the Athena Factor, their research project examining the career trajectories of such women. Hewlett, founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy in New York, told Kathleen Melymuka about what they learned.

Keeping hold of your top talent

Retaining IT workers and software developers is becoming a growing concern, especially when an economy starts to gain momentum, according to some hiring experts.

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