Articles Related to carbon nanotubes

IBM examines nanotube chip cooling

IBM researchers are looking at ways to understand heat dissipation in carbon nanotubes. The study will help chip developers determine how to better cool laptops that will be using the new and faster transistor-packed nanotubes

Intel prepares for next 20 years of chip making

Intel Corp. drew the curtain Friday on some of its future research projects to continue making transistors smaller, faster, and less power-hungry out as far as 2020.

IBM redesigns silicon transistor for higher speeds

IBM Corp. has created what it calls the world's fastest silicon-based transistor, which in about two years should be able to drive communications chips to speeds as high as 100GHz, the company announced Monday.

Going up…up…up

Your plane lands on an artificial equatorial island far from any landmass. As you disembark, you look...

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