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Business Process Management for Dummies

BPM produces better processes by combining expertise and technology, ultimately reducing cost, increasing revenues, better motivating employees and improving customer satisfaction.

Make the mobile promise come true with the IBM Smarter Process approach

Download this IBM white paper to learn how combining mobile technologies with the software that runs your business -- the automated business processes and...

Cutting back to get ahead

A survey questioned nearly 300 IT leaders about the technologies they plan to focus on in the coming year. Nearly half indicated they were researching cloud computing services and network virtualization

CRM problems come in threes

CRM systems present a unique challenge because they need to be very tightly aligned with the user organizations. If you have a big reorg or bring on a whole bunch of new channel partners, you're likely going to go through major changes.

Q&A: Robert LeBlanc on SOA, BPM, smarter planet

ComputerWorld Canada sat down with IBM

Run IT as a business: A train wreck waiting to happen

The IT conventional wisdom that is generously dispensed by many IT think-tanks and opinion makers is largely theoretical and offers little or no practical value

Better business process the No.1 driver behind RFID

RFID spending is on the rise and ROI timeframes are shrinking, according to an ABI Research study. Toronto-based RFID vendor Ipico says it

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