Articles Related to Budgeting/IT Alignment

What does the IT department really do?

At some point in your career, you will need explain the services that are provided by the IT department to those granting next year's budget dollar, in...

CIO leadership fundamentals: Managing the money

From my viewpoint, “managing the money” is one of the key skills and competencies for any successful CIO and is the fourth CIO leadership fundamental

7 steps to becoming an IT manager

Are you ready to take your IT career to the next level?

Beware of the IT death spiral

The major crash of the IT Death Spiral comes when there aren't even enough resources to operate effectively.

Funding your innovation

CIOs like to be focused on new and sexy initiatives, such as cloud and big data, but tend to overlook less exciting parts of our job

A new era begins

This research paper delves into the evolving role of the IT organization and that of the CIO; its transition from yesterday's yeoman to tomorrow's...

Pushing the limits of outsourcing

Download Pushing the Limits of Outsourcing to understand why it is changing how companies make choices about providers - how many and who to...

Journey to Your Cloud

Download Journey to Your Cloud to identify what is required to take IT from a cost center to a clear strategic partner to the...

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