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Canadian internet providers must block bad botnets, says regulator

However, the decision says proposed technical minimum standards will be set and then another round of industry consultations, a process that could take months

Police take down ‘dangerous’ Emotet botnet and Netwalker ransomware sites

Law enforcement agencies in Canada, the U.S. and other countries shut a network down that distributed malicious email and ransomware

CRTC says Canadian ISPs may be forced to get tougher on botnets

Telecom regulator proposes ISPs be forced to adopt network-level botnet blocking through an approved framework

Trickbot botnet disrupted by Microsoft and alliance of tech companies

Microsoft, ESET, Symantec, NTT and Lumen partner to attack botnet's infrastructure

Mirai botnet exploiting Hadoop vulnerability on Linux servers: Report

In addition to targeting IoT devices, a variant of Mirai is now hunting for Linux servers running Hadoop. Read what you can do about it

Governments should use buying, regulatory power to fight botnets: Expert

In criticizing a draft U.S. report on strategies to strengthen security of IoT devices an expert says governments should stop talking and get working


Despite efforts, security breaches continue to rise, this includes some of the most respected brands, and breach detection, containment and remediation on average take...

Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Q2 2017

The second quarter of 2017 witnessed dramatic cyber-attacks in the form of WannaCry and NotPetya, but in the background of these media sensations, cyber...

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