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Why boards tune out CISOs, and 4 ways to get them to listen

Many directors think infosec pros speak a foreign language. At the CISO Forum Canada a speaker gave tips on how they can be heard and understood

How boards should talk to CISOs — and CISOs should talk to boards

Boards think cybersecurity is 'a dark mysterious art.' Blame infosec pros, says Google Cloud's CISO

World Economic Forum says boards should follow this one cybersecurity guidance

A new report suggests six principles boards should follow to ensure companies are more resilient to cyberattacks

Former U.S. Commissioner of the FCC appointed to the board of BAI Communications

Global communications infrastructure provider Bai Communications has appointed the former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Kathleen Abernathy as a non-executive director on its board of directors.

Should we be concerned about the digital literacy of Canadian board of directors?

The World Economic Forum and World Intellectual Property Organization place Canada’s Competitive and Innovation ranking between 14 and 17 with a small decline in rank in recent years. Mary Whittle suggests some ways to make our boards more tech-savvy.

3 cool things I learned about data-driven transformation

I had the opportunity this week to attend a CDM Summit in Atlanta and sat in on one of the best-ever executive sessions on...

Becoming a tech-savvy director; Moving to the boardroom

According to Deloitte, tech-knowledgeable director representation on corporate boards went from 10 per cent in 2012 to 17 per cent five years later. High...

Perfect CIO retirement: join a board of directors

Helen Polatajko started her Canadian CIO journey at a startup during interesting times and created an opportunity to help boards better understand technology

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