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Considerations for the next phase of hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconvergence has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention because it represents the next step in the evolution of IT resource delivery. This technology...

The Fortune 500’s disappearing CIOs

Several Fortune 500 companies are eliminating their corporate CIO positions. They plan to move IT into the business units, on the theory that an IT staff that isn't distracted by corporate initiatives can provide better support

BI ain

There are a lot of moving parts, says one analyst, so simple changes to one system cascade through the others. How BI is more art than science

SOA tops IT spending priorities

While definitions of SOA vary, it generally refers to an IT architecture approach that eschews monolithic applications and instead breaks down functionality -- such as a customer credit check request -- into interoperable "services,"

Singing from the same song-sheet

One of the most difficult aspects of SOA implementation is ensuring successful collaboration among the many groups involved. This article offers some sound advice around getting all the players to sing in harmony.

Dealing with the document deluge

If organizations want to keep on top of the data and documents they

SOA gains traction in enterprise market

A recent report from Forrester Research showed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has arrived and that companies should consider how SOA could help their business, because if they don

Cognos saddles up to SAP users

Watch out SAP users; Cognos has you squarely in its sights. Tighter integration with SAP

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