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Will agile take off in 2022? Five ways we’ll know for sure

Is agile software development delivering enough value, or is agile simply an exaggerated buzzword that conveniently obscures all attempts at performance measurement of software development teams?

The gaping chasm between data science and information systems

Planning for success of a data science project at any organization requires careful forethought of how the IT department will collaborate with the data science team.

Business value of data modeling

Some software producers have forgotten the business value of data modeling under the ongoing pressure to deliver new releases faster. Here’s a reminder

ThoughtWorks adds dependency management to Mingle for fast scaling of agile development

Development teams don't need to abandon their preferred work styles, but all stakeholders can have a complete view of a project and the impact of any change

Here’s why you should put developers on the front lines

There is still a structural gap between developers and operations, but by putting developers on call, they get a better understanding of the impact of their code

Is data modelling really dead?

Can software development be accelerated and materially reduce refactoring of in-production modules by giving data modelling a more prominent position in the Agile software development environment?

Why employees shun company-bought software

Nine in 10 employees do not use work software in the office, according to a recent survey

Is your outsourcer agile enough?

More companies are choosing agile development to create user-friendly, quickly evolving enterprise apps. Here's how to decide if your outsourcer is up to the task

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