Symantec – Security 2.0 Update

October 31, 2007 – Toronto, Ontario

The Branham Group’s annual report on the state of IT security in Canada, sponsored by Symantec, is in its fifth year. This year’s report shows organizations face a growing variety and complexity of threats, but seem somewhat more confident in their ability to deal with them.

One trend that gives rise to particular concern is the growing resolve of organized criminal elements. According to the report, “the criminal elements of hacking have refined and organized themselves to an unprecedented level to focus on financial gain; whether from data theft, stolen information remarketing or malicious business disruption.”

With the 2007 Branham report as a backdrop, the discussion explored the most prominent threats and security challenges for the enterprise, and the most effective strategies now being employed to manage them.

John Pickett
Vice President and Community Advocate
IT World Canada

Featured Guests:
Andrew Bisson
Vice President, Consulting Services
Branham Group Inc.

David Senf
Director of Canadian Security and Software Research
IDC Canada

Tony Brockman
Technical Product Marketing Manager
Symantec Corporation