Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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New Intel processors are coming to all segments of the computing market.
CES 2021 is in session, Parler’s controversy continues as it goes from number 1 to where’d it go, and a new retail policy where you can just keep your return items.
Experts predict artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will enter a golden age in 2021, solving some of the hardest business problems.
Dell's new Latitude laptops come with Intel's 11th-gen vPro processors and a new webcam privacy feature.
COVID-19, a new private-sector privacy law and rulings by the Privacy Commissioner will highlight 2021
There's a lot to digest in the proposed Consumer Privacy Protection Act, telco's chief privacy officer told a webinar. Read why
Canadian small businesses revolt against AWS, schools in the U.S. are buying surveillance tech, and what’s up with these big tech firms leaving California?
It's a meaty briefing today - we've got updates from re:Invent, the latest tech news and chatter from the reseller community.
Ontario is the latest province to signal its intent to allow citizens to prove their identity with the help of a digital wallet, but experts say a lot of work remains before the service can be widely used.