Friday, July 30, 2021
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After authorities in Ukraine seized servers of Windscribe the company realized they hadn't been encrypted. The company says it's possible but unlikely an attacker could have temporarily impersonated a Windscribe server after the seizure
Survey by PwC Canada also shows 30 per cent believe the proposed changes will positively impact their firms' bottom line
Nanometre no more. Intel will adopt a new naming scheme to better reflect its fabrication technology.
Homewood Health told the broadcaster there is no evidence that clinical applications with patient data was accessed
Newcastle, U.K.-based global software technology company Test Driven Solutions (TDS) has selected Calgary to house its Canadian headquarters, the company announced in a July 26 press release. The company will be recruiting tech talent across various domains. “We're looking to hire...
Recent tech news that we maybe didn’t get to yet, or it’s news we’ve reported on and feel is worth resurfacing.
Microsoft issues mitigations for the latest in what it calls classic NTLM relay attacks on Windows. One researcher called the proof of concept of the attack "brutal"
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) will be welcoming 300 new technology employees at a new Calgary innovation hub scheduled to launch in September 2021.
Kaseya VSA customers struggling to recover from the REvil ransomware attack earlier this month have some good news: the company has received a decryptor to unscramble encrypted data. The company said Thursday it is helping impacted customers after obtaining the...
Vulnerability in security account manager is serious enough to recommend deletion of volume shadow copiies