VMware on IBM Cloud: Securing cloud workloads & disaster recovery


    Your organization’s data is unique and valuable – but also easily accessible if not properly secured. That’s why companies around the globe are investing in securing their IT infrastructure with platforms that will not only safeguard their information, but offer a backup plan during a disaster incase that information is compromised. Though, this can be difficult when the technology landscape is rapidly changing and the consumption of data keeps increasing. Companies must prepare for the worst and not only learn how to protect their valuable information, but how to retrieve that information in case of an emergency.

    Enter VMware on IBM Cloud – the industry leader in virtualization and hybrid cloud management solutions. The trusted IBM Cloud pairs with the best-in-class SoftLayer infrastructure and enables you to consolidate legacy infrastructures onto an automated and centrally-managed, software-defined data center.

    Since most data centers operate below capacity and waste storage capabilities, the tool lets you transform your data center into a standardized, on-demand infrastructure capable of running any workload, anytime, anywhere in the world.

    As well, cloud-integrated storage enables companies to securely backup their data to any cloud. So the next time your business suffers a data breach or computer malfunction that deletes all of your valuable information, the NetApp® AltaVault ® will keep data encrypted at all times, reducing security and compliance risks in the cloud.

    VMware on IBM Cloud helps enterprises take better advantage of the cloud’s speed and economics to extend existing workloads and help secure their private data.

    Download the whitepapers, VM Ware on IBM Cloud with Intel Trusted Execution Technology and Backup and Disaster Recovery: VM Ware on IBM Cloud with NetApp AltaVault to learn how to build a chain of trust regarding your public cloud and how to retrieve your sensitive data after a disaster.

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