• Technology News Gallery: Week of February 20, 2012

    Our weekly roundup of worldwide technology news in pictures, courtesy of IDG News Service. This week: HP shows off slick new all-in-one workstation, Microsoft’s online store in India got hacked, Sony shows off its new ‘smart plug’ concept and more
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  • HP announces Z1 AIO workstation

    At a workstation event in Las Vegas this week, HP announced its new workstation, which happens to be one of the slickest looking all-in-ones, the HP Z1.
    It’s outfitted with a 27-inch screen and a hinge that splits the computer in two, allowing for easy maintenance of its internals.

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  • Sony shows off “smart plug” concept

    In a demonstration held for media in Tokyo, Japan, Sony showed off its new concept for a smart plug, one that tailors power consumption by “knowing” what device is being plugged in. It does this using a special touch-card technology, Felica, to allow devices to identify themselves.

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  • Obama announced 2013 IT budget with significant cuts

    The U.S. government announced cuts to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) IT budget, and IT budgets government-wide. CIO for the Obama administration, Steven VanRoekel (pictured) said it’s not a question of just money saved, but effenciency. The government wants to “do more with less.”
    The budget, set at US$78.9 billion, is a 0.7 per cent decrease from the budget set in 2012, which was US$79.5 billion.

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  • ACTA protested in Paris

    In a protest against yet another bill that would threaten the way consumers enjoy the Internet, Parisians came out in force on February 11, Saturday of last week. The ACTA bill – or Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement – is meeting the same kinds of resistance that saw SOPA and PIPA removed from the docket in the U.S.

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  • Microsoft’s India online store hacked

    Microsoft’s online store for India was hacked this week, a “limited compromise” that saw the front face of the store defaced by hackers claiming to be Chinese.
    A database containing users names and passwords was also leaked, thought the extent of the information shared is still being investigated.

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  • Joe Liberman promotes new Cybersecurity bill

    Senator Joe Liberman, and three other co-sponsors, have proposed a new Cybersecurity bill that would force key networks to comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security standards.
    If the DHS found security at a key service – one which might cause mass death, evacuation or major damage to the economy if compromised – it would have to work with the DHS to develop better security performance.

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  • MSN launches msn NOW service

    Cashing in on the success of constantly updated culture services – like Facebook and Twitter – Microsoft has now launched msnNOW, a service that attempts to capture the hottest trending topics from Twitter and Facebook.

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