I have good news and bad news for senior IT administrators: I know what you’re going to be doing in 2017.

IDC says 80 per cent of CIOs time will be focused on analytics, cybersecurity, and creating new revenue streams through digital services. That’s according to a webinar the research firm held Wednesday that Louis Columbus sat in on.

“IDC sees the shift to a service paradigm in IT accelerating, along with a greater reliance on partners, clouds and global sourcing through 2017,”  he writes.

Yes, it’s predictions time of the year. Some organizations wait until December, but a few are already contacting me for interviews.

Among other IDC predictions, by 2016, security will be a top three business priority for 70 per cent of CEOs of global enterprises. I’m not sure why it won’t be a top priority for the other 30 per cent — will they be the ones that think they’ve got IT security licked? If so they will be a) incredibly well prepared or b) incredibly naive.

Also to prepare for: By 2017, 35 per cent of vendor sourcing relationships around what IDC calls Third Platform technologies —  enterprise mobility, Big Data and analytics, and private cloud computing — will fail, causing CIOs to roll out new sourcing processes. If true, one in three of you reading this should start preparing contact lists.