Twitter has confirmed that its platform is restricted to some of its users in Russia, but the company has said it is working to keep its platform secure and accessible.

According to the Internet surveillance organization NetBlocks, both Facebook and Twitter have been restricted in Russia since the morning of February 26, 2022.

The restrictions, therefore, render the two major platforms inaccessible across multiple providers.

NetBlocks network data shows, however, that access to the Twitter platform and backend servers in leading networks such as Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline and MegaFon is restricted from 9: 00 am Saturday morning UTC.

In order to help users circumvent the online censorship introduced by the Russian government, people in Russia can use VPN services. However, since many people in Russia do not have access to VPN services, the restrictions could continue during the war.

The battle between technology companies and the Russian government over social media and internet services continues.