Microsoft has unveiled AirSim, a flight simulator that companies can use to train and control drones. The simulator allows developers to imagine “what-if” scenarios that would be unsafe to test in real life – such as what happens when a drone’s view is obscured.

Microsoft also hopes the technology will be tested by civil aviation regulators to see how the drone behaves in extremely heavy rain or cope with a loss of positioning data.

The project runs on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure, and Microsoft has given U.S. firm Airtonomy early access to the platform.

Microsoft believes the technology will be used to train the AI systems that fly autonomous aircraft from air taxis to delivery drones.

Introducing the product, Gurdeep Pall from Microsoft explained its importance and what it will offer the metaverse, a convergence for the virtual and physical worlds.

According to Pall, the project demonstrated “the power of the industrial metaverse – the virtual worlds where businesses will build, test, and hone solutions and then bring them into the real world.”

The sources for this piece include an article in BBC.