The new Microsoft Defender Preview app, which was recently launched, aims to give home network administrators the right to monitor antivirus, phishing, compromised passwords and identity theft from a single security dashboard.

Home administrators also have the privilege of adding other family members to their personal dashboard via email or QR code, allowing a device to install an iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS agent that automatically enrols in the family’s security dashboard.

Viewing the new Microsoft Defender Security Dashboard, users can view health alerts for devices with Identity and “Connections” monitoring features coming soon.

It also offers the Identity Theft Monitoring feature which will support child and adult subscriptions from API calls found in the Microsoft Defender Preview.

Home network administrators can also use their “personal dashboard” to monitor all registered devices for “health” alerts including compromised passwords, malware alerts, or identity theft issues.

It remains unknown when the Microsoft Defender Preview will be available for testing, although it is currently limited to Microsoft employees.