IBM will introduce new products and services that will enable IT administrators to manage big data systems with the same level of control they handle other IT systems.

New features will be added to IBM’s InfoSphere line of information integration and management software and there will be a general release of PureData Systems for Hadoop, according to Bob Picciano, general manager of IBM information management.

He said while there has been a focus on governance, security and lifecycle management of enterprise data in recent years, the big data space is still “like the Wild West.”

Among the enhancements to InfoSphere is Data Click. The new feature allows managers to easily capture data from repositories including those that run on Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

Another new feature called Big Insights, can be used to compile a metadata catalogue within an organization. This facilitates easier identification of data.

InfoSphere can also be equipped with Big Master. This feature aggregates all the accessible information about an individual customer from both public and company sources. The data aggregated could include customer purchase history and even messages from the customer’s Twitter account.

IBM will also expand InfoSphere Guardium to enable it to handle Hadoop and other sources of big data. InfoSphere Guardium monitors how data is used and enforces data access policies.

IBM will be expanding InfoSphere Guardium, which monitors how data gets used and enforces policies of data access, so that it can handle Hadoop and other sources of big data.

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