According to the Slovak Internet security firm ESET, the Hive ransomware gang can now encrypt Linux and FreeBSD with new malware variants that have been specially developed for these platforms.

This follows a recent trend of ransomware gangs targeting Linux servers, thus gaining access to several servers simultaneously with a single command.

Various studies have shown that the new Hive encryptors currently lack functionality and are proving to be quite flawed, as the researchers claimed that they are still in development after analyzing ESET, which failed when the malware was executed with an explicit path.

Other facts that show that the Hive’s Linux ransomware is still under development, include the fact that it comes with support for a single command line parameter (-no-wipe) unlike the Windows ransomware version, which offers 5 execution options, and also the fact that it also fails to trigger the encryption, if it is executed without root privileges.