Google recently confirmed that the company is aware of the issue with the Chrome 96 upgrade.

Following complaints from users after upgrading to Chrome 96, users are reporting problems with Twitter, Discord, and Instagram.

Some users report errors in their Twitter notifications, with the website warning: “Something went wrong. Try reloading.”

Other complaints include blackening GIFs, images that are not displayed, or videos that cannot be played back. Google product manager Craig Tumblison confirmed the incident and stated, “we’re continuing to see user reports about this behavior, including reports from our social team.”

Furthermore, Google explained that the bug can be fixed in some cases by turning the “Chrome://flags/#cross-origin-embedder-policy-credentialless” to disabled.

While everyone is waiting for a solution from Google, those affected by these problems are advised to copy and paste the earlier mentioned chrome address into the Google Chrome address bar and press enter.

Once the experiential flag appears, it is recommended to set it to Disabled after restarting the browser.