To attract more retail traders, exchange operator CME Group has announced that it will introduce options on micro bitcoin and micro ether futures. The options will be available on March 28 after regulatory review.

The options from the CME Group will offer a wide range of market participants more opportunities to manage their exposure to bitcoin and ether.

The new CME’s micro bitcoin and the micro ether option will be “one-tenth of their respective underlying tokens.”

According to CME, once trading closes, each in-the-money micro bitcoin or micro ether option will deliver one contract of the respective future which underlies the option.

“At less than a year old, nearly 5.2 million combined micro bitcoin and micro ether futures contracts have changed hands. Building on the strength and liquidity of the underlying contracts, our micro-sized options will enable traders of all sizes to efficiently hedge market-moving events with greater precision and flexibility or fine-tune their cryptocurrency market exposure,” said Tim McCourt, global head of Equity and FX Products at CME Group.