The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned administrators to patch their systems against a number of security flaws.

The vulnerabilities are identified as Internet Communication Manager Advanced Desync (ICMAD). These flaws impact the SAP business app using Internet Communication Manager (ICM).

The three ICMAD flaws include CVE-2022-22536, which is classified as a maximum severity problem, and two others, which are tracked as CVE-2022-22532 and CVE-2022-22533.

The SAP Product Security Response Team (PSRT) alongside Onapsis worked together to create the security patches for the vulnerabilities.

Failure to patch the flaws means organizations are ultimately exposed to data theft, risks of financial fraud, disruptions to mission-critical business processes, ransomware attacks, and others.

After successfully exploiting the ICMAD bugs, attackers can perform several actions against SAP users, including stealing credentials, triggering denials of service, executing code remotely, and compromising any unpatched SAP applications.