John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry

The Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just about consumer devices. With executives from companies from around the world there, new BlackBerry CEO John Chen is making the rounds to ensure existing enterprise customers understand his company is still fighting for business.

In an interview with Computerworld U.S. Chen said his talks with carriers, CIOs and distributors are positive. “There’s lots of good will out there.”

He also said that for the short term his job is to restore enterprise confidence.

Chen also admitted in the interview that the boot time of the new generation Z and Q series devices is too long and vowed to do something about it.

However, there has to be spending on BlackBerry products and services for the company to survive.

One way is by making an enterprise version of BlackBerry Messenger, he suggested.

“I could make BBM the enterprise emergency [channel] for people who want serious” connectivity, he said. BBM could be used for voice calls, and eventually for videoconferencing. “There’s a lot of value, a lot of stuff to deliver to customers,” he said.

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