1Password suffers from an outage that has prevented U.S. mobile, desktop and browser clients from syncing.

1Password CTO Pedro Canahuati explained the cause of the outage as being due to the company’s planned database upgrade. The company stated that it was not a security incident and that customer data was not affected in any way.

As a result of the outage, the 1Password.com service was taken offline preventing new user signups and syncing new data across devices.

“At this time, we have stabilized the system while we investigate the performance regression. Customers’ devices should be syncing all new data and sign-ups are working. We’re taking steps to avoid similar disruptions in the future, and will be providing updates on our status page and social media channels, as well as blog over the next day or two,” Canahuati said.

Everyone who uses a password manager that stores data in the cloud has a certain risk that this will happen to them. 1Password 8 only synchronizes with the cloud and does not offer the option to stick exclusively to local storage.