Nortel’s journey through financial hard times and restructuring has been a long and difficult one. Navigate your way through the company’s recent history by hovering over the points on this graph to find an integrated timeline of Network World Canada’s coverage. 

Nortel, Microsoft, launch four joint UC products Don’t write off Nortel yet Nortel to provide networks for London Olympics The culture at Nortel RCMP charges former Nortel head Frank Dunn Massive Nortel layoff looms anew Nortel contemplates bankruptcy, says report Nortel and Microsoft unveil joint unified messaging roadmap Verizon, Nortel strike a deal Nortel to slash 2,900 jobs Four Nortel execs charged with dishonest accounting practices Nortel to slash 1,900 jobs, create 800 in revamp Nortel to settle $2.5 billion class action suit Zafirovski takes the helm IBM, Nortel team up Nortel president resigns after falling out with CEO Nortel fires executives, postpones results Nortel outlines ‘VPN-ablement’ for carriers Nortel bullish on mobility RCMP initiates Nortel investigation Nortel sued over $100 million 360networks payments More cuts at Nortel Moody's donwgrades Nortel bond rating Dan McLean: Total failure unlikely for Nortel, though fate is still up in the air Nortel names enterprise chief Cutbacks signal slowdown Roth replacement search begins for Nortel Nortel focuses on Ethernet over optical fibre Doubts on finances are raised Nortel names enterprise chief Nortel's Q3 profit, excluding charges, soars 63 per cent BCE, Nortel separation Nortel deals with labour shortage John Roth moves up Nortel was news topper in 1998 – for a good reason Nortel Article Coverage

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