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Strategies to Solve Challenges of BYOD in the Enterprise

Strategies to Solve Challenges of BYOD in the Enterprise

With market trends pointing to a significant consumer market share of Android devices and the continued demand by employees for employers to allow BYOD programs in the workplace, enterprises are tasked with finding the appropriate solution to meet the need for control and security of mobile devices and company data, while managing operational efficiencies, costs and respecting the privacy of employee data. Thus, shifting from an enterprise-owned mobile device fleet to having employees bring their own devices has a major impact on the way of thinking and acting about mobile security.

This Gartner research white paper provides a framework for understanding the issues and arriving at solutions. It focuses on the challenges and impact of supporting multiple device platforms and identifies three crucial strategies which Enterprises should consider in order to decide what to support and how, and how to effectively maintain control of company data. It also provides guidance in terms of policies and comprehensive best practices to manage and secure Android in your Enterprise and introduces Samsung KNOX.

Download Strategies to Solve Challenges of BYOD in the Enterprise to understand the issues, develop policies using best practices, and learn how Samsung KNOX, a new Android-based solution designed from the ground up with security in mind, enables enterprises to support both BYOD and Corporate-Liable models without compromising corporate security or employee privacy.
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