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Why Partnering Strategies Matter

Why Partnering Strategies Matter

Racking up twice the revenue growth and five times the gross profit growth, companies that have changed sourcing strategies to reflect new, expanded motivations are outperforming their peers. This whitepaper is based on the results of a survey of 1,300 sourcing decision makers from around the world. The findings confirm that sourcing motivations are evolving beyond cost savings to higher-order outcomes like process effectiveness, competitive advantage and business innovation.

Download Why Partnering Strategies Matter to understand how this shift in mindset - bringing strategic capabilities in, versus sending work out - is proving to have significant positive financial impact. Learn about the criteria and assessment models outperformers are using to make these decisions and which are achieving the strongest results. Discover how the nature of the relationships are architected and managed differently and why the greatest differences among partnering strategies include business-oriented metrics aimed at strategic outcomes; contract scope designed to drive transformation; and an integrated approach to governance that provides the coordinated decision making necessary to achieve targeted results.
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