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B2B Collaboration:  No Longer Optional

B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional

Rising operational costs-especially in materials, fuels and logistics-are creating additional pressure for businesses to reduce costs in other areas of the supply chain and operations. But at the same time there is an escalating pressure created by customer service demands which is driving the need to support more channels, increase speed to response, and deal with more complex supply chains.

These pressures have industry leaders making B2B collaboration a high priority. In "B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional", an Analyst Insight paper from Aberdeen Group, vice-president and principal analyst for supply chain management Bryan Ball looks at the motivators behind this prioritization, as well as what actions these industry leaders are taking.

Based on Aberdeen research, this insightful paper details the challenges you may face in your path to stronger B2B collaboration as well as prescriptions as to how leaders in the market are overcoming them. Learn more about the value of B2B collaboration, and how it can break down silos in your organization. Download the Analyst Insight "B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional" today.
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