Generating storage IT and business value with software defined storage

Generating storage IT and business value with software defined storage
This white paper seeks to provide a clear definition of Software-defined Storage (SDS), cutting through the confusion to define what SDS is, what it isn't, and what it can help an organization achieve.

Generating Storage, IT, and Business Value with Software-defined Storage looks at the needs for, and opportunities from, changing how storage is currently being 'done'. It explains how true SDS addresses the increasingly complex world of storage and the challenges around server utilization and virtualization usage. It addresses how SDS can help overcome the lack-of-sustainability in the traditional storage model, provide for flexible systems, and ease the pressures faced by entities to bring server utilization and virtualization in line with cost-efficient, user requirements.

Download this white paper to understand the factors relating to the potential value and future success of SDS , and why The Enterprise Strategy Group believes it will win market share. Gain insights into the building blocks of SDS - hardware, rich data Services, and control - and why HP's StoreVirtual sets the bar for addressing these.

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